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Meteor Storm

Meteor Storm

ISBN: 9780888013446
Author: Wayne Tefs
Meteor Storm is populated with men -- fathers, brothers, uncles -- who struggle with the missteps in their pasts and endure, sometimes with resignation, sometimes with a puzzled and angry dissatisfaction, their present lives.
Set in the 1960s and 70s, many of the stories in Meteor Storm revolve around Red Rock, Ontario, a mining town where it is never easy-come and easy-go. The narrators of these 14 tales are in transition to adulthood - young men on the verge of losing childhood innocence. They learn that there is no room for emotional or physical weakness in this unforgiving world, even when you are stretched to breaking point. Instead, the trappings of guns, brute strength, and hard liquor, hide male vulnerability.

In "Sunrise" the calm of an early morning is disturbed by distraught young man bringing news of two horrible deaths. "Walleyes" recounts how a lazy vacation afternoon among friends can devolve to the cusp of violence. And in "Red Rock and After" (winner of a Canadian Magazine Fiction Prize and a Journey Prize finalist) a family suffers through a string of bankruptcies, but remains optismistic about the future.

Tefs's writing style is spare, direct, and reflective and he offers a unique view of where hard-edged men crash into the limits of their power.

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