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If Pigs Could Fly

If Pigs Could Fly

ISBN: 9780888012029
Author: David Arnason

"Many years ago, in a time that was better than our own, there existed a peaceable kingdom on the shores of the northern sea. The animals of that kingdom went about their affairs without bothering each other, but they also cherished their differences...."

Written in three parts, master storyteller Arnason's second volume of fractured prairie tales includes political fables, Ukrainian tales and fabulations, leaving no stone unturned in his parody of Canada's political and cultural landscape.

How do badger and fox manage to balance the meadow's budget?

Who is "the man who stole recess" and where is he hiding it?

Why do the Spanish love our turbot so much?

The hilarious answers to these and other questions can be found in "If Pigs Could Fly."

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