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Hearts Wild

Hearts Wild

ISBN: 9780888011770
Author: Wayne Tefs

In gathering together these dozen variations on the theme of love won and lost, I have turned to writers from the prairies who have demonstrated deft manoeuvering in this treacherous terrain. Their narratives make clear how many voices love speaks in and how tortured the whole business of men and women coming together and falling apart can be. As in actual life, no one in these accounts seems to know quite what to make of love, and yet everyone is enthralled by it. The stories range from the starkly realistic to the wildly fabulous, and the attitude they take to women and men varies greatly. Each offers considerable insight into the troubled lives we lead at the close of this century—tangled and ragged, yes, but also joyful. ...I find all of them wonderful: at once captivating and intriguing.

—Wayne Tefs, from his Preface

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