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Divine Realms

Divine Realms

ISBN: 9780888012272
Author: Susan MacGregor

Divine Realms is an anthology that looks at spiritual questions through the medium of science fiction and fantasy. This is an eclectic lot, and the main theme is faith-- or lack thereof. The stories are written by some of Canada's best and up-and-coming writers.The Power of Faith by Jason Kapalka, is a story about miracles. Two medieval con men attempt to pawn off a phony relic and find themselves on the receiving end of a miracle instead. In In the Beginning, There Was Memory by Ven Begamudre, the last surviving human is encouraged to begin re-creating the world by advanced extraterrestrials who have saved him from a demolished earth, again with complicated results. The Second Coming of Jasmine Fitzgerald by Peter Watts, considers God as a self-correcting computer program in the guise of Jasmine Fitzgerald, who inadvertently murders her husband in an attempt to save him. A Dowser assists the police in trying to find the body of an abducted little girl in Little Bones by Jena Snyder. God Is Dead by Erik J. Spigel, is a Victorian/Gothic fantasy about the essence of God, in which an individual kills God in a dream only to find the soul doesn't die. Divine Realms explores faith, God and the universe in a speculative vein, with a multiplicity of voices and views. Science fiction and fantasy rarely take on the subject of spirituality. This volume boldly challenges the subject with contributions from some of the best writers in Canada.

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