Blur by Michelle BerryBlur by Michelle Berry
ISBN: 9780888014375
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Tabloid reporter Bruce Dermott has been waiting seven long years for his moment in the sun when he strikes pay dirt in Emma Fine. Emma, a former Hollywood starlet, has been out of the spotlight for years after her lover was found dead in her swimming pool. As Bruce digs deeper he discovers lives twisted and misshapen by jealousy, obsession, and narcissism, lives we crave to hear about today more than ever.

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Advanced Praise

A pacy, noirish, fractured echo of Sunset Boulevard, Michelle Berry's Blur is pulp fiction written with a postmodern hand.

Andrew Pyper

There is an Atom Egoyan-esque quality to her writing … Berry’s fine writing shows that she understands the space between the words can be important and that what is implied speaks volumes.

National Post

Berry’s style is to die for—it’s cool and confident, with a kind of wary watchfulness that echoes her protagonist’s personality.

Quill and Quire

Blur offers a twisted tribute to the compulsive grass-is-always-greener comparisons we make between our lives and those of the glitterati.


Berry skilfully keeps you guessing—and more importantly, keeps you caring—right to the finish.

The Vancouver Sun

Hip, cool and written in the present tense ... A good read with a substantial twist in the tale.

South Wales Argus

Chic, sleek Hollywood murder mystery, shaped like a screenplay and emanating that bruised nostalgic mood of late-night movies … Infinitely seductive.

Literary Review