Bad Latitudes by Al PopeBad Latitudes by Al Pope
ISBN: 9780888012937
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Bad Latitudes

In an effort to escape the suburban vacuum of 1978 Toronto, Connie heads to the pollutionless expanse of snow that is the Yukon. After a spell in Whitehorse, the 21-year-old accepts a ride through the dense northern forests to Dawson where her driving companion decides to stop at a friend’s home. The pair inadvertently walk into the middle of a domestic dispute where Connie stabs Dale with a pocket knife to save his girlfriend from the ferocious beating he is laying on her. Though not mortally wounded, the injured Dale vows revenge on Connie and the quest for her survival begins.


As Connie evades Dale throughout the North, she comes across hippies looking for a new frontier, miners, loggers and contractors looking for a fast and easy dollar, and trappers who would rather spend their days with dead animals than another living human.


Through sleet and snow, the relentless Dale tracks city girl Connie to an epic, action-filled, climactic chase scene across the savage and unforgiving Great White North.

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