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Atli's Tale

Atli's Tale

ISBN: 9780888012043
Author: Michael Olito

Icelandic-Canadian Atli is trying to find purpose in his life. Moving to Newcastle upon Tyne, England, he begins working in the mines of rural England. But when a horrific mining accident kills one man, the six-and-a-half-foot Atli soon finds himself out of a job and lonelier than ever.

When Atli meets Rose, a Canadian photographer doing a residency abroad, things appear to be looking up for him. If only he weren’t having vividly real and accurate dreams about a past life in which he was part of the 8th century Viking invasion of England. Even the visions and dreams of the British Stanley mine disaster of 1909 begin to surface, hitting far too close to home and seeming far too familiar.

A chance meeting with Lord Lambton finds Atli with a new ally who happens to share eerily similar dreams and obsessions. It is in this relationship, as with his lover, Rose, that terrible secrets must be revealed in order for Atli to unlock the mystery of his own past.

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