The Canasta Players by Wayne TefsThe Canasta Players by Wayne Tefs
ISBN: 9780888011497
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Canasta Players

 "A remarkable and unique novel. An outstanding achievement."
- Matt Cohen

'Wayne Tefs takes on John Updike's territory of middle-aged middle class marriage and adultery and makes it his own. This is an utterly convincing and compelling account of the state of mind and morals of a Canadian male at the end of the century. It has the inevitability of a true work of art."
- Terry Rigelhof

There's an ominous crack in the surface of the upscale suburban world of The Canasta Players, a world inhabited by Michael Samuels, a middle-aged professor who discovers the good life is a little too rich for his blood. Torn between a beautiful career-driven wife and an enigmatic lover, trapped on a stock market roller-coaster and tormented by recurring chest pains, Michael Samuels becomes a desperate man playing for time. But the odds are against him and time is running out.

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