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20 Years of Multiculturalism edited by Stella Hryniuk
Twenty Years of Multiculturalism

How does one measure ethnicity? What are the costs and benefits of multiculturalism?...

Unexpected Ficitons edited by Kristjana Gunnars
Unexpected Fictions

These nine short stories are written by well-known authors such as W.D. Valgardson,...

A Vain Thing by Tom Wayman
Vain Thing, A

"Djakarta Now" follows a radical right-wing BC politician who uses a...

The Vernacular Muse by Dennis Cooley
Vernacular Muse

The Vernacular Muse tackles conservative Canadian critical theory and practice head-on....

Visiting Fellow by Dave Williamson
Visiting Fellow

Poor Wally. It’s the mid-1990s, and middle-aged history professor Wally Baxter is...

Waiting for Saskatchewan by Fred Wah
Waiting For Saskatchewan

Wah interprets memory—a journey to China and Japan, his father’s experience as a Chinese...

The Waiting Place by Sharron Arksey
Waiting Place, The

Duty, desire, love, and purpose. Who we want to be and whom we want in our lives. As...

Waking Blood by Deborah Keahey
waking blood

A series of long poems that offer a wry look at personal politics and passions. Keahey...

Walking Through Fire by Maggie Helwig
Walking Through Fire

In the fifteenth century, a tide of witch-hunts swept through Germany with unparalleled...

Walking to Mojacar by Di Brandt
Walking to Mojacar

Di Brandt forges new paths with her multi-faceted poetry, experimenting with...

Waterlily Pickers by Barb Schott
Waterlily Pickers

Full of reverence and shot through with loss, these carefully crafted poems vibrate with...

What Birds Can Only Whisper by Julie Brickman
What birds can only whisper

Kendra Quillan is the leader of Survivors, a feminist band in Toronto poised for big-time...

What Lies Behind by Luann Hiebert
What Lies Behind

The seductive songs of motherhood and love and spingtime on the prairies are confronted...

What the Bear Said by W.D. Valgardson
What the Bear Said

Winner of the 2012 INL Reads! A land of volcanoes, geothermal pools, and barren...