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Dinosaurs of the Deep by Larry Verstraete
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'Dinosaurs' of the Deep

Driving across the North American Heartland, surrounded by prairie, it is almost...

4X4 by Wayne Tefs
4 x 4

A blizzard grounds the plane real-estate agent Clint Dokic is supposed to take from...

A Criminal to Remember by Michael Van Rooy
A Criminal to Remember

Monty Haaviko, Winnipeg’s favourite househusband, babysitter, and ex-con, is running...

A Possible Life by Simone Chaput
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A Possible Life

Daniel Clevenger has a successful career as a professor and writer in Winnipeg. But his...

a/long Prairie Lines edited Daniel Lenoski
a/long prairie lines

The prairie long-poem has, for many decades, survived at the nexus of poetic tradition of...

Accountable Advances by Dave Williamson
Accountable Advances

When a young couple is caught planning premarital sex while “Courting in 1957,” her...

Across the White Lawn by Robert Foster
Across the White Lawn

Images of the past and present fill these poems, taking you down old prairie roads and up...

Agnes in the Sky by Di Brandt
Agnes in the sky

Agnes in the Sky is a book of poetry seen through the eyes of a Mennonite in a...

Cover of The Air is Elastic
Air Is Elastic, The

Ella Zeltserman's latest collection of poetry pushes and pulls, stretches taught and...

Alarum Within by Kimmy Beach
Alarum Within

"Stars, hide your fires!Let not light see my black and deep desires."-Macbeth,...

Alert to Glory by Sally Ito
Alert to Glory

Winner of the 2012 Award of Merit for the Canadian Christian Writing Awards Whether...

All That Belongs

Catherine, an archivist, has spent decades committed to conserving the pasts of others,...

An Unexpected Break in the Weather by Deborah Schnitzer
An Unexpected Break in the Weather

Winner of the 2010 Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction After fifty years...

Animal Walk by John O'Neill
Animal Walk

An ear which shapes beautifully cadenced lines and an acute eye for images distinguish...

Animate Objects by Alan Wilson
Animate Objects

It is small. Pink. It fits in the palm of your hand. You would recognize this...

Another Margaret by Janice MAcDonald
Another Margaret: A Randy Craig Mystery

Anxiety is the watchword at most school reunions, with side-eye comparisons of greying...