Armin's Shorts by Armin Wiebe
Armin's Shorts

Showcasing a selection of stories from Armin Wiebe's 30 year writing career, Armin's...

Miss O: My Life in Dance

Miss O: My Life in Dance is the candid autobiography of Betty Oliphant, founder of...

Trace edited by Birk Sproxton

A collection of essays, interviews, rants, manifestos, notes and poems. Thirty-one...

The Red Headed Woman with the Black Black Heart by Birk Sproxton
Red Headed Woman With The Black Black Heart

Margaret McWilliams Book Award for Historical Fiction, Honourable Mention (Manitoba...

Where the Winds Dwel by Bodvar Gudmondsson
Where the Winds Dwell

Where the Winds Dwell is a letter from a father to his daughter. It is Patricia’s...

Black Tulips by Bruce Eason
Black Tulips

Bruce Eason moves his characters through a stark landscape, lone figures whose paths...

Three Songs by Hank Williams by Calvin Wharton
Three Songs by Hank Williams

The characters in Three Songs by Hank Williams travel lonesome roads. Often packing...

The Good Lie by D. F. Bailey
Good Lie, The

As Paul Wakefield paddles his kayak across Mouat Channel off Vancouver Island, he hears...

a/long Prairie Lines edited Daniel Lenoski
a/long prairie lines

The prairie long-poem has, for many decades, survived at the nexus of poetic tradition of...

Dayns & Nights on the Amazon by Darlene Barry Quaife
Days and Nights on the Amazon

What do a Canadian farm woman and a Brazilian plant collector have in common? An...

Accountable Advances by Dave Williamson
Accountable Advances

When a young couple is caught planning premarital sex while “Courting in 1957,” her...

The Imagined City edited by David Arnason and Mhari Mackintosh
Imagined City, The

Winner: Mary Scorer Award for Best Book by a Manitoba Publisher and the Carol Shields...