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Moon Lake by Wayne Tefs
Moon Lake

Winner of the Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction (Manitoba Writing and Publishing...

Cartier Street Contract by Wayne Tefs
Cartier Street Contract

They had worked it out very carefully. They had counted on placing the kid in a trades...

Best Possible Face by Doug Smith and Michael Olito
Best Possible Face

L.B. Foote was Winnipeg's premiere commercial photographer during the city's exuberant...

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The Bridge That Summer

Cut to the bone images of growth and change on the Prairie... A.E. Ammeter makes poems...

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The Inside Animal

Adamson's first book of poetry reveals his poetic masters, such as Blake and the...

Reckoning by A. S. Penne

In Reckoning, A.S. Penne scrutinizes the all too human desire to be understood and...

Jukebox Junkie by Andris Taskans
Save: $1.20
Jukebox Junkie

A love for wilderness and mythology, and the pain of a son for a dying mother, spark...

Bad Latitudes by Al Pope
Bad Latitudes

In an effort to escape the suburban vacuum of 1978 Toronto, Connie heads to the...

Animate Objects by Alan Wilson
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Animate Objects

It is small. Pink. It fits in the palm of your hand. You would recognize this...

Hard Confessions by Alexandre Amprimoz
Hard Confessions

Everything is possible in these cosmopolitan short fictions. July snowstorms last exactly...

Thimblerig by Alf Silver

Thimblerig's "theatrical impact is undeniably real…an illuminating con-game of a...

A Blue and Golden Year by Alison Preston
Blue and Golden Year

A Blue and Golden Year unravels a mystery through a legion cast of characters, changes of...

Bugs, Sweat and Fears by Allan P. Bayne
Bugs, Sweat & Fears

A fun read and great information for anyone with a propensity to paddle. A fundamental...

Montage For An Interstellar Cry by Andrew Suknaski
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Montage For An Interstellar Cry

Since the mid 70's, Andrew Suknaski has been one of Canada's major writers of the sense...

Dancers in a Web by Andrew Parkin
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Dancers in a Web

Sonnet, haiku, lyric, narrative and concrete poetry are all part of this formally,...

Myth, Origins, Magic by Andrew Stubbs
Myth, Origins, Magic

Myth, Origins, Magic is an examination of Eli Mandel's work, from early poems to the...