The Bootlegger's Confession by Allan LevineThe Bootlegger's Confession by Allan Levine
ISBN: 9780888015990
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Bootlegger's Confession, The

It’s 1922 and business is booming for Saul and Lou Sugarman—thanks to prohibition. But business gets personal when the Sugarmans’ brother-in-law ends up dead. Looking for answers, private detective Sam Klein is called in to investigate. 

What appears to be nothing more than a deal-gone-bad quickly spirals out of control to threaten Sam’s own family. How can Sam prevent his loved ones from becoming enmeshed in a bootlegger turf war that’s bigger than even he can imagine?


Allan Levine brings back his much-loved detective. [A] thoroughly engrossing mystery, it's also quite a revealing glimpse of a period rife with violence and corruption.

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Shortlisted, Carol Shields Winnipeg Book Award Shortlisted, The Michael Van Rooy Award for Genre Fiction