A Blue and Golden Year by Alison PrestonA Blue and Golden Year by Alison Preston
ISBN: 9780888012067
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Blue and Golden Year

A Blue and Golden Year unravels a mystery through a legion cast of characters, changes of season, and changes of setting.

Meet Audrey, a tightly-wound prairie girl. Life would be easier for her if her old high school boyfriend wasn’t a happily married family man, and her squandering, lazy sister, Lillian, wasn’t such a damper on her own family life.

All Lillian wants is to just get back on her feet, and she wouldn't mind knowing what happened to her drug-dealing boyfriend, Iggy; there’s a dead body in his apartment and he’s suddenly nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Iggy has gone down to Mexico where he reunites with his old flame, Iris. Iris, a restauranteur, is having issues of her own with Ernest, her business partner and former lover, whom more than a few people would like to see end up in a dumpster.

As we follow the characters of Blue and Golden Year, their tales weave back and forth, from North to South, and the body count rises, because some mysteries are just too juicy to be kept alive for.

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