apologetic by Carla Funkapologetic by Carla Funk
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Finalist for the 2010 Victoria Book Prize

Apologetic’s poems experiment with expressing thoughts and emotions in formal poetic traditions, confining words to metrical lines or rhyme schemes. Many deal with the natural world, moments in time spent outdoors, in gardens, and capturing fleeting impressions in the human experience. Playing with form and content, Funk evokes the idea of a flesh-and-bones body (the poetic structure) carrying a spiritual entity (the poem’s meaning).

“Highway 16 Sonnet” uses the traditional sonnet form to capture a gruesome snapshot of roadkill as a harsh reality of travel on a Canadian highway. “Ring Around the Moon” describes in five verses of four lines each, the experience of taking out the garbage late at night and observing the beautiful night sky, something hallowed above the stench of waste.

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Advanced Praise

With gratitude, with humility, these poems embrace the sometimes cumbersome fact of bodily, earthly existence. The speaker in one poem recalls a Christmas play in which she crawled "with all the other beats...into the light." I am glad to be reminded of this fundamental solidarity, glad to reconnect with the dignity of mortal life.

Sue Sinclair, author of Breaker

Carla Funk strikes a rare grace note between the beauty of a muscular lyric and the learned melody of her narrative line. Shifting back and forth between the personal and communcal, apologetic is full of stories that will make you sign with pleasure.

George Murray, author of The Rush of Her and The Hunter


Funk writes with confidence and grace

Ariel Gordon, Winnipeg Free Press

Victoria poet Carla Funk demonstrates quiet contemplation in her powerful fourth collection, Apologetic, which explores the natural world, the passage of time, aging, love and spirituality...These poems continue to reward upon numerous readings. They often take us to the edge of melancholy, then bring us back to hope through remarkable imagery and an engaging quest for understanding.

Candace Fertile, The Victoria Times Colonist

Short-listed for the 2010 Victoria Book Prize