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Pond Memories

Pond Memories

Heartwarming tales of triumph and tears fill the pages of Pond Memories, Lil Anderson’'s second collection of experiences as a wildlife rehabilitator.

With first-hand experience, Anderson recounts episodes of life with wild animals: enduring playfully intended but painful kicks from Brownie, a young bull moose who nearly died from pneumonia, having her overalls become the object of affection for Cameron, an amorous young beaver, and learning how to “speak” deer with Persephone, a tiny, but fiercely independent fawn.

In Pond Memories, Anderson brings her readers to the animal world, teaching respect for her patients’ non-humanness, while showing that wild animals have their own ways of expressing love, joy, anger, and pain. Always mindful of the risk of imprinting on her wild charges, Anderson drives home the message that, once helped and healed, these creatures must return to their natural habitat.

Bestiary, The

Bestiary, The

Dennis Cooley conducts a chorus of “clucks & barks & muffled cries” to unconstrained cacophony. Bursting with a remarkable and encompassing cast of spiders and fish, crows and bears, rats, chickens, and cows, the bestiary gives free rein to very human feelings and the way they grow, stunt, and stampede out on the prairie landscape. Amid hushed and howling moments, the natural bends uncanny while the extraordinary roots into the organic under Cooley’s careful eye.

\'Dinosaurs\' of the Deep

'Dinosaurs' of the Deep

Driving across the North American Heartland, surrounded by prairie, it is almost impossible to imagine that this was once a huge inland sea. The Western Interior Seaway, which split the entire continent of North America in half, once teemed with predatory creatures—fanged fish and turtles the size of small cars; prowling sharks and giant squid; hungry plesiosaurs and immense crocodiles. At the top of this prehistoric food chain, stretching up to nearly 15 metres (50 feet) and weighing a hefty 50,000 kilograms (50 tons), ruled the mighty mosasaur, the T. Rex of the sea.

Through a cooperative partnership with the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre (CFDC),home to ‘Bruce,’ the world’s largest mosasaur skeleton, author Larry Verstraete and paleoartist Julius Csotonyi combine fascinating facts, astonishing discoveries, and the latest paleontological information to bring the ancient marine creatures of the Seaway to vivid life.