New Video Series from Garry Thomas Morse

New Video series from Garry Thomas Morse featuring excerpts from Yams Do Not Exist

We’re excited to share a series of new videos from Garry Thomas Morse featuring readings from his novel Yams Do Not Exist. We’d recommend you start with An Introduction to Yams Do Not Exist first so you can get some behind the scenes insight from the author about his homage to some literary greats. 

You can check out the series as a playlist playlist on our Turnstone Press YouTube channel hereYouTube channel here and visit Garry Thomas Morse’s YouTube channel direct here.Garry Thomas Morse’s YouTube channel direct here.

9780888016775 1000px 0x280About Yams Do Not Exist:

Farinata Feck, a poet of mixed heritage, is a man of many appetites; yet he is most consumed by the search to find his romantic ideal. Yo-yoing between Regina and Winnipeg, Farinata crosses paths with colonial ghosts, cosplay enthusiasts, a Faulknerian gossip, a rogue tree-cop, and a sweet potato activist. With equal parts playfulness and decadence, Garry Thomas Morse renders the Beckettish adventures of the lovelorn libertine with hypnotic surrealism. A dizzying display of literary opulence and allusion, Yams Do Not Exist finds footholds in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, footnoting a twisting, prairie roadmap to romance, by turns hellish and sublime.


In the spirit of Beckett, Kafka, and Margaret Laurence, these stories reinvent narrative to combine the tall tales of the prairie with the post-prairie mindscape of the 21st century. As Farinata Feck undertakes a romantic quest that flings him from one parodic adventure to another, the point of Morse's satire is wickedly sharp, yet always sweetly tempered by his generous acceptance of our human failings … and his kick-ass sense of humour.

—Catherine Hunter

Related in dazzling prose, Farinata's picaresque adventures transpose whole worlds of art, poetry, and music onto the dreamscapes of the prairies. Morse's pyro-technique produces a marvel of witty discord. 
—Meira Cook