Bird on a Wire

Sarah Ens unpacks forced migrations, both personal and ecological, in a new Quatrain Questions interview.

In this edition of UnderCover, we chat with artist Shirley Brown about her portfolio and the cover image of Kristen Wittman's Death Becomes Us.

 A behind-the-scenes look at BC artist Rebecca Montgomery's painting When to Fold, inspired by Sarah Ens' debut collection, The World Is Mostly Sky.

Ikebana, also known as kadō, is the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging.

While the grass greens and the trees and flowers bloom this spring, Turnstone, with the support of the province of Manitoba, wants to make sure you stay Safe at Home.

It’s tempting to look away from my laptop and stare out the north-east facing window of my studio where the muddy Red River bends on its journey to Lake Winnipeg. The pull to the window is especially strong in spring when the water birds return and the river rises, swollen with water from the south, and the trees bud and leaf out, green.

2 poem Tuesday logo
2021 marks Turnstone Press's 45th year of publishing and as part of our celebrations, we are running a year-long poetry series: 2poemTuesday! 

Recently, the dark days of winter were a little brighter as we shared our Hope in Every Book campaign.

We're all eating our feelings these pandemic days. Mrs. Friesen, bake sale maven and intrepid—though sometimes subversive—behind-the-scenes player extraordinaire from Andrew Unger's hit Once Removed has the market cornered on treats and comforts. If anyone could take a run at pandemic baking trends, it would totally be her. So throwing our hat into the holiday baking ring, we're pleased to share a family recipe directly from Mrs. Friesen—er, Andrew Unger, that is...

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