Wayne Tefs

Figures on a Wharf by Wayne Tefs
Figures On A Wharf

A middle-aged professor falls in love with a student, resulting in the disintegration of...

Cartier Street Contract by Wayne Tefs
Cartier Street Contract

They had worked it out very carefully. They had counted on placing the kid in a trades...

The Canasta Players by Wayne Tefs
Canasta Players

"A remarkable and unique novel. An outstanding achievement."- Matt...

Home Free by Wayne Tefs
Home Free

The final volume in the Willow Island trilogy, which includes Figures on a Wharf and...

Moon Lake by Wayne Tefs
Moon Lake

Winner of the Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction (Manitoba Writing and Publishing...

4X4 by Wayne Tefs
4 x 4

A blizzard grounds the plane real-estate agent Clint Dokic is supposed to take from...

Be Wolf by Wayne Tefs
Be Wolf

Winner of the 2000 McNally Robinson Book of the Year German doctor and inventor,...

Bandit by Wayne Tefs
Bandit: A Portrait of Ken Leishman

In the spring of 1966 Ken Leishman stepped onto the tarmac of the Winnipeg Airport and...

Barker by Wayne Tefs

Harlan always knew he was special, that he was different from other folk. He figured...