Karen Dudley

Food for the Gods by Karen Dudley
Food for the Gods

Once a prince of Lydia, Pelops was chopped into stewing meat and served to the gods for...

Kraken Bake by Karen Dudley
Kraken Bake

It’s a great day for Greece when Perseus defeats the dreaded kraken. But victory begins...

The Red Heron by Karen Dudley
Red Heron

Gnomus gardinia. Garden gnome. Field biologist Robyn Devara had never felt the urge to...

Hoot to Kill (trade) by Karen Dudley
Hoot to Kill

Shortlisted for an Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Crime Novel Most biologists believe...

Hoot to Kill by Karen Dudley
Hoot to Kill (massmarket)

Most biologists believe the worst thing about field biology is watching everything else...

Ptarmaggedon by Karen Dudley

Research scientist and amateur sleuth Robyn Devara is looking forward to a trip to the...

Macaws of Death by Karen Dudley
Macaws of Death

Tropical birds in a smuggled suitcase. Expensive. Beautiful. Dead. But for field...