Heart and Stone

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These poems are responses to, and meditations on, some of the major cards of the Tarot. Other influences include quantum physics, the music of Bach, and theology both orthodox and heretical. From the amusing "Question" that started the universe through a contemplation on Sakharov in exile to a defence of Raven under cosmic persecution, Heart and Stone offers passion and spirit to a dispirited world.

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"In this remarkably fresh and inventive collection, Kate Bitney gives us everyday events charged with the insights of an eclectic cosmology; vivid, sensuous and sometimes startlingly original images intercut with whimsical wordplay; precisely rendered dreams, waking visions, elusive flights of imagination, and the purely symbolic events of geometry or a Bach fugue juxtaposed with sudden erotic intensities; and through it all, a forceful and exuberant lyricism which combines the energy of a rock concert with the silences of a village in Tibet."
-- George Amabile

"It is refreshing to find a cosmic lyricist out on the prairies....Ms. Bitney is a sure winner on the playing fields of the muse."
-- Joe Rosenblatt

"Some knowers/tellers-of-truth are called Speakers, for they deliver the truths Mind can absorb; others are called Singers, for they deliver the truths only Spirit can know. Katharine Bitney is a Singer; Heart and Stone tells the truth-of-all-things; those who must know must bring themselves heart and stone to this book, leaving Mind behind."
-- Gertrude Story

Katherine Bitney

Born in England, Katherine Bitney grew up in Saskatchewan and has spent most of her life on the prairies. A founding member of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild and Prairie Fire Magazine (formerly Writers News Manitoba), Katherine has authored three previous collections of poetry. Recently she has collaborated with composer Sid Robinovitch and soundscapist Ken Gregory on the Boreality Project to create sacred music for the Boreal Forest. She lives and writes in Winnipeg.

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