Winnipeg, June 10, 2015—Turnstone Press is pleased to announce the signing of Daria Salamon and Rob Krause, through Samantha Haywood of the Transatlantic Agency, to publish a he said/she said travel memoir recounting their gap year travels with their two young children.

Called a gap year by some, there is a growing trend of families packing up to travel the world. For those with an adventurous bent, the gap year affords families the chance to bond closely as they share exotic and exhausting new experiences. Children can complete their school work remotely while also learning new languages and cultures, and gaining independence and a wider world view.

With that in mind, in February 2015, Rob and Daria sold their car, rented their house, took leaves from work, pulled their two children from school and headed out for their year-long adventure. Whether you think it sounds crazy fun or just plain crazy, after  this trip-of-a-lifetime Rob and Daria will have a million tales to tell. And gorgeous pictures too.

Salamon Daria RobArmed with degrees in both Zoology and Law, Rob Krause (co-founder of Smallman Records and Artist Management) spent the last few years tirelessly fighting for the legal rights of small woodland creatures in the music industry.

After being bitten by his clients once too often, he recently chose to shift his focus on to his family. This bit of ludicrousness ended after a few minutes and he began packing for his world adventure. Upon being reminded of marital vows and parental obligations, his travels will now be punctuated by intermittent freak outs by his children, the half hearted drunken advances of his wife and eye gouges from all.

Rob has been published in The Globe and Mail, The Winnipeg Free Press and The Canadian Journal of Zoology, and also received an A on an essay in Constitutional Law.

Daria Salamon is the author of the award winning novel The Prairie Bridesmaid. She holds Education and Arts degrees from the Universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg and has taught creative writing at Red River College. Daria has been published in the Globe and Mail and has had columns in the Winnipeg Free Press. She co-wrote the screen adaptation for The Prairie Bridesmaid and is currently finishing a novel.

Daria is spending the year traveling with her family. After two months, her wallet is now residing in an ice cream shop in New Zealand, her wedding ring is being used by a grouper at the bottom of a snorkelling reserve in Samoa and her husband is no longer talking to her. But so far she has not lost any children. After reading Rob's bio, Daria is questioning this endeavour to co-write a travel memoir with him.

To get a taste of their no-holds-barred hilarity, subscribe to Daria Salmon’s blog and follow the family travels.

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