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My Studio: K.I. Press

The thing is, I don’t have a studio. In summer I try to work sitting outside as much as I can, because I would live outside if I could. In winter, theoretically I should be using the front room of my house, which is dedicated to my books and stuff, but it’s so drafty that I can only stand to sit in a chair with a TV table placed directly in front of a heat register (that chair is Exhibit 3). The most comfortable place to work is the couch in the foreground, but it’s right next to a window—too drafty of a winter’s evening, though sometimes I’ll sit there after donning toque, nosewarmer, and Snuggie. I’ve been known to work at the dining room table, in bed, or on the uncomfortable 60s couch from where I took this picture.

I do miss having a space of my own to work, but my house is small, and since I can only really work at night anyway, it doesn’t make much difference where I do it. Here are the Ten Exhibits:

  1. Herbs still hanging from this fall’s garden harvest. Mint, oregano, lavender, thyme, basil, parsley, cilantro. I really should put them away.
  2. Poster of a cat fight by Goya. Poster acquired circa 1997 during questionable love affair (questionable as to its wisdom, and also questionable as to whether or not it actually existed). Shut up, it’s a nice poster.
  3. Aforementioned chair pulled up in front of heat register, with TV table, not visible, in front of it. Large bag of Christmas decorations there partly so the dog won’t sit in the chair.
  4. A box containing hand-me-downs, to be washed and sorted, came today.
  5. Not my microphone and banjo.
  6. Envelope containing option contract for short screenplay. I do hope they actually make the thing.
  7. Bluetooth speaker. I would listen to music 24 hours a day if I could—yes, when I was younger, I did leave music on during the night to drown out other noises. I am prevented from playing music all the time by the fact that I live with other human beings, who tend to speak to me, so I can’t even do it with headphones.
  8. I’m reading the Knausgaard thing.
  9. Christmas craft mostly made out of glue.
  10. Just now found in back of vintage picture frame.

My favourite place to work? Anywhere quiet, solitary, and in the middle of the night will do. I often bemoan that the hours of midnight to 4 a.m. are the prime hours dedicated to sleep, because that is when I’d really prefer to be working. But couldn’t be all write so much more if we could only sleep until noon?

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