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Bugs, Sweat and Fears by Allan P. Bayne

Bugs, Sweat & Fears

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"Fun for the whole family, all wrapped up in a tasty mix of stories, good ideas, and practical advice. Al Bayne has been there and back, and will help you do the same."
- James Raffan, author of Fire in the Bones

A fun read and great information for anyone with a propensity to paddle. A fundamental guide for the novice in canoeing and hilarious “I’ve been there” anecdotes for the experts. Illustrated.

"A lighthearted, educational insight into environmentally friendly wilderness travel."
- Victoria Jason, author of Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak

"This book makes Canoeing is for Everyone a reality."
- Kathy Taylor-Hallick, president of the Canadian Recreation Canoeing Association


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