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Cutthroats & other Poems

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Ted Dyck’s Cutthroats & Other Poems pulses with the energy, the anticipation, and the elation that every fisherman knows.

Beautiful and eternal. The cutthroat rises to the fly from the depths of the river for only an instant, teasing, tantalizing, as the long line reaches out. The game continues—the hook is set, the quarry played and the players ready to assume their roles. Each line and verse binds life and death, man and nature together, reminding us of a terrible beauty that includes us.


This is the gentlest of philosophy texts wrapped up in fish paper and what lovely paper.

Bill Robertson, The Star Phoenix

No matter in which order the book is read, the reader cannot escape the strength and beauty of the book's "The Cutthroat Poems" and "The Ram River Poems." [...] Cutthroats & Other Poems is a book about experience not answers.

Joan Crate, Rhubarb Magazine

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