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Backing into Heaven by Steve Noyes

Backing Into Heaven

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Nostalgia, life-experience and death unite this collection of poems that explores the hereafter.

Backing into Heaven magnifies one of the most fundamental rules of poetry: that the telling of anything is in the words, not just the story. The carefully chosen words in this collection explore nostalgia, experiences, and death, with strong and concise imagery.


Trips down memory lane of a “Romance in Brandon” recall kisses surrounded by prairie crops, and days spent at the theatre in “Nostalgia.” “Gastown Understanding” gives perspective to the tourist point-of-view when it comes to panhandling for change, comparing it with that of the hometown resident and their never ending pockets of generosity.


“In a sober and carefully understated voice I say: this is a damn good poet.”

–Al Purdy

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