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An Unexpected Break in the Weather by Deborah Schnitzer

An Unexpected Break in the Weather


WINNER: Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction

"A Rose on Corydon" is a bridal shop like no other. After an encounter with a patch of ice and a broken hip, Mildred and Gertrude, the owners, decide to close the store with style by throwing one last wedding - a lavish ceremony right in the store.

WINNER: Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction
After fifty years together, Gertrude and Mildred are facing some serious life changes. The bridal shop they own, A Rose on Corydon, has been a meeting place for their small community of friends and customers, with whom they have long shared joys and sorrows, worries, and triumphs. Unexpectedly, a series of events threatens the foundation of the life they have made together and tests their relationship in new ways. Mildred’s 73-year-old hip is no match for an icy sidewalk, and long-time friend Wordie stares cancer in the face. Thirteen-year-old Arlie, aged beyond her tender years by the same illness, is a stalwart support, as is the thrice-married Perfume, on her way down a fourth aisle to eternal happiness—holding, perhaps, the key that makes the changes more bearable. This poetic and graceful novel explores the secrets and promises sustained by a love affair whose dimensions render speechless the most experienced of lovers.

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